Tired of Your Outdated Kitchen?

Get kitchen remodeling services in the San Bernardino, CA area

Do you end up ordering delivery because your cramped kitchen makes cooking a hassle? Add more space with kitchen remodeling services. Pruszynski Construction Inc serves San Bernardino, CA and surrounding areas. Our crew can update your kitchen to give you the extra room you need to prepare delicious meals. We'll work with you on everything from design to the installation of custom cabinets and flooring.

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We can install custom cabinets and more for your new kitchen

There are many ways to add space and functionality to your kitchen. The updates we are most often requested to make include...

  1. Custom cabinets - Add drawers and shelves to your cabinets. Your space will be more efficient and better organized.
  2. Kitchen islands - Get more room to work with by adding new counter space to your kitchen.
  3. New appliances - Install a refrigerator, stove or oven equipped with improved technology. Better equipment will make preparing meals easier.

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