Install Lighting or Outlets in Any Room

Get comprehensive electrical services in the San Bernardino, CA area

Ever flip the light switch and end up turning off the appliances? Electrical wiring issues can be frustrating. Get the wiring in your house updated by Pruszynski Construction Inc. We provide comprehensive electrical services in San Bernardino, California and surrounding areas.

You can trust our team to install...

  • Light fixtures
  • Outlets
  • Switches
We provide electrical wiring services to residential and commercial customers throughout the San Bernardino area. Whether you need to update your existing wiring or add new features to your room, we'll get the job done.

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Don't attempt electrical wiring yourself

Electrical wiring should be left to professionals. Mistakes can lead to injuries or fires. Hire a qualified electrician to take care of your wiring. Pruszynski Construction is a fully licensed remodeling company. Our owner has been serving the San Bernardino, CA area for 20 years. We have the skills and the tools needed to complete any electrical project properly.

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